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Interest Free Credit / Finance for Luxury Furniture

With Interest Free Credit You Can Own the Luxury Furniture You Dreamed of Today!


Buying furniture is an exciting time; you have a new home and you want to put your own signature on it. Choosing the right furniture is a huge part of this, as it will set the tone and character of your house for years to come. Furniture can be a big investment, especially if you want to add some luxury furniture pieces to your rooms. Investing in good quality furniture is a sensible step as it can last for twenty years or more, and still look brand new.

However, it can be expensive, especially if it is well crafted bespoke or exclusive furniture. Not many people can afford to buy a luxurious antique French bedroom set with cash, but don’t worry, there are so many finance options available today and there is one to suit you.

Many banks, stores and online shops offer interest free credit for purchases over a certain amount. If you can get an interest free loan that’s the best way to go as you will not be forking out hefty interest charges.

Interest free credit is available in different forms, it’s important to understand the differences and find the right type for you.


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Interest free credit cards

Many banks offer an interest free credit card for a fixed period, the idea is to tempt you into signing up with that particular lender and staying with them once the interest free period is over. After this period an interest fee will be charged on any unpaid credit. However, this type of card helps you finance luxury furniture over a number of months or even years.


So how about grabbing one of our amazing dressing tables?
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Balance Transfers

Many lenders will offer you an interest free period on a new credit card if you transfer an old debit balance over to them, but once again if you have an outstanding balance when the interest free period is over you will be charged interest.


Bank loan

It’s worth checking in with your bank to see if they will give you a loan. It’s unlikely to be zero % interest but it may be much lower than a credit card or other finance type. It may be difficult to finance furniture on a bank loan, unless you are buying quite a large amount for home improvement.


How do you like our stunning beds?Baroque Upholstered Fabric Bedfor more styles click here



This is an excellent type of zero % finance, however as furniture is a large item most stores will not be able to hold it for you until you have paid for it. You may also have to pay a deposit and if you decide not to purchase there may be cancellation fees.


In Store Credit

There are more and more retailers offering zero percent purchase plans today, especially luxury furniture stores. This is a type of interest free credit over a set period, usually around three to four years. This type of credit offers the customer a fixed number of payments, after which the balance will have been paid in full. There is no danger of still owing a large balance when the term is up, as you cannot add more ‘spending’ to this type of plan.

This is definitely a good option if you just want to borrow money to finance the purchase of an elegant bed set or bespoke sofa. There will be a contract to fill in and sign, and you must make sure you read this and understand it. By taking out finance you are borrowing money that you promise to pay back. If you miss a payment there may be penalties.

Many online retailers have very handy little finance calculators so you can work out how much you’ll pay monthly.


If you are here just to use our finance & get your items today then visit the link below

Homes Direct 365 Furniture Interest Free Credit


How does it work?

If you decide to finance new furniture you will have to apply for the interest free credit in store, online or on the phone. The application for payment plans are usually very straightforward, but will require some details such as your name, address and employment. Some retailers require more information than others. These details are then sent to the credit partner who will decide whether to issue the finance or not.

There are a few retailers who are happy to give you the finance with no credit check; you would need to ask individual stores about this option. Online stores have easy finance application forms with e-signatures so you do not have to travel anywhere. Many stores offer this as low cost way to finance furniture with zero deposit from the customer.

Signing up for interest free credit to buy that wonderful furniture may be a great way to afford something special for your home, but make sure you read all the information and be sure you can afford to pay back the loan each month.

Once you are sure the payment plan is right for you, go out and chose the amazing furniture you deserve and enjoy it to the full.


Enough of all the bankers talk lets get you looking at some of our furniture


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Best Makeup Table and Makeup Table Set Up

Makeup tables, or more commonly known as ‘dressing tables’ are an essential part of any woman's bedroom if they're looking for their own personal salon. With everything they need in one beautiful place, it’s like having your own personal style station.

If you understand how to make space work for you (and if you don’t we are here to help) you can turn this dream into a reality, but only if you follow our guidance which we have laid out for you in this very post.

Specially dedicated to women's beauty, you are able to bring back the feminine touch in your own bedroom with one of our dressing tables, whether you’re a girly girl and looking for something pink or you like a more classical white/cream approach or even you’re a little adventurous and you like the look of mirrored furniture, we’ve got something for you.

Why Feature a Dressing Table in your Bedroom?

The point of makeup tables is not just to add a feminine touch to your bedroom though, they also help with your morning makeup routine, speeding up the process and making the overall task more enjoyable.

Gone are the days of being perched on the edge of your toilet seat trying to look in the mirror whilst seeking out the most flattering lighting...all the while your husband and children run rampant trying to complete their own morning routine.

If this sounds like something you’re ready to make a reality, and to put an end to the constant morning of stress you experience due to a disorganized and overcrowded, then keep on ready.

Styles of Dressing Table

This is dependant on your bedroom, but if you're lucky enough to start from scratch then you're free to let your personality take over on this one, assuming it still fits with the rest of your home.

And if you've already got a style in mind, perhaps you're controlled by your different types of bedroom furniture, then we'll have something for you too! Whether you're looking to match up with your current hand-carved antique French inspired furniture or to help accentuate the modern look you have going on.

Even if you're stuck for ideas and you're not sure what's going to work best for you, then this article will serve as some creative inspiration for you!

So, now you know there's going to be something for you from our wide range of collections, here are some of the styles of dressing table we have on the official HomesDirect365 website - these dressing tables are a favourite of ours and our customers!

Antique French Style Dressing Table

Our antique french style furniture is one of our most popular styles, and for good reason. Each piece has typically been hand carved, because of this you are getting a unique finish every time. Coming in a range of colours, from calm antique white to girly pinks, there is going to be an antique french style dressing table that is going to fit your personality as well as your home.

With so much choice, we know you're going to struggle to make a final decision on just one dressing table, so here are a few of our favourites to help you get started:

La Rochelle Antique French Style Dressing Table By HomesDirect365

Baroque Antique French Style Dressing Table by HomesDirect365

Spire Wooden Antique French Style Dressing Table By HomesDirect365

Shabby Chic Vanity Unit

Shabby chic furniture, just like its antique french style counterpart, can work in many styles of home. Whether you're already featuring some great cream colours or you're more of a vibrant girly girl with splashes of pink and purple, there is going to be a shabby chic vanity unit that is going to help add to the character of your personal haven whilst giving you the practical benefit of having your own personal salon at your very fingertips.

To get your creative energy flowing as you begin to think about life with one of our dressing tables in your bedroom, here are a few of our best selling tables so you can get an idea of what everyone else seems to be looking for...

Bakersfield Grey Shabby Chic Dressing Table Set By HomesDirect365

Shabby Chic Dressing Table Set

Bordeaux Shabby Chic Dressing Table Set


Modern Makeup Vanity

Modern makeup vanity units are one of the most versatile styles of furniture we have to offer, typically because of their simple finish - in comparison to the antique French style or shabby chic design. Featuring a range of finishes from blacks to blue, you're going to be able to find and feature one of our many modern dressing tables in your home so that you can finally have a place for all of your makeup, jewelry, and favorite perfume.

You might want to check out this similar article "Dressing Tables, your own personal styling station".

Because we offer so many different modern dressing tables, we're going to give you a helping hand on what could work for you,

Here are our top selling Modern Makeup Vanity to help give you an idea of what everyone else is adding to their contemporary bedroom to give it a more feminine touch:

Remi Modern Dressing Table

Riano Black 3 Drawer Dressing Table

Types of Dressing Table Available

Let’s now identify what sort of dressing table you’re going to want. This depends on a couple of things:

  • What sort of furniture you already feature
  • How much makeup and makeup tools you have (yes, seriously)

These are some of the things you’re going to want to think about, I’d say the second one is the most important because you’re going to want to keep everything from hair clips, makeup brushes, perfumes and anything else you need to get ready in one convenient place. The size of the dressing table is going to be affected by how much you use to complete your look each morning.

Makeup Table with Drawers

If you’re like most of us girls, you’re going to want a dressing table that features drawers...a lot of them. It’s going to be handy to keep everything close, even if it's not’re going to want your favourite earrings and jewelry handy so you can switch, change and compare looks without the stress.

Even having your perfume close by will stop any last minute stresses that us girls seem to have when we’re almost done and the partner is shouting us to hurry up...there's nothing more frustrating than miss placing something that you need to finish off your entire look.

La Rochelle Antique French Style Dressing Table By HomesDirect365

Sophia Shabby Chic Dressing Table By HomesDirect365

Annaelle Antique French Style Dressing Table by HomesDirect365

Vanity Table Set With a Mirror

It’s obvious but I’ll say it, you need a mirror!

I mean how else are you going to achieve your desired look if you're essentially applying it with your eyes closed?!

Thankfully some vanity units come with a table mirror but in some cases, they just don't.

The ones that come with mirrors are usually fixed to the dressing table itself (typically dressing table sets), so if you’re someone who likes to move around the room or get different light angles, then you might want to avoid one of these unless you’re sure the mirror can be moved to how you like it.

Baroque Gold Leaf Antique French Style Dressing Table

Antique French Style Black 2 Drawer Dressing Table Set

Types of Table Mirrors

It gets a little more complicated than just fixed and non-fixed mirrors, but don’t worry I’ve already been through this dilemma with table mirrors myself, so I’ll let you know what's out there and what could be best for your future/current makeup table setup.

Single Dressing Table Mirror

Probably one of the most common mirrors you will find on a dressing table is a single table mirror. These can come a part of a dressing table set, typically fixed to the dresser or bought individually if you’re wanting to finish off the dressing table you’ve already got.

Single mirrors will fit all basic needs that you could want and need for your dressing table since are perfect for applying makeup and tidying up your hair.

Because of their design, they also take up a small amount of space, making them ideal for many dressing tables regardless of how much tabletop space you may have left to play with after makeup organization trays and personal decorations.

Remi Shabby Chic Table Mirror

Dressing Mirror With Drawers

Typically these come in the form of single table mirrors, but they are not limited to them. A dressing mirror with drawers is a great choice if you’re wanting to get the most out of your dressing tabletop space by having a mirror and storage built into one tabletop accessory.

Chic Silver 2 Drawer Shabby Chic Dressing Table Mirror

Triple Vanity Mirror

Arguably the best style of table mirror for your dressing table, triple vanity mirrors offer you a way of getting plenty of angles so that you can make sure that your make-up is on point. Because of the triple design, the reflectiveness of the mirror will also help to bounce light towards your face, this way you are able to get even more direct lighting that will help you get the best look.

White Triple Vanity Mirror

Dressing Table Wall Mirror

Technically not a table mirror, a dressing table wall mirror can be used if you wish to properly utilize the tabletop space of your dressing table. I'll talk about this a little bit further down the page so you can grasp the true reasoning's as to why you’d go with this choice above the rest.

Argente Antique French Style Dressing Table Mirror

Whatever you decide to choose, just remember to get one! Oh...and remember it needs to match the setup or it’ll look out of place!

Don't Forget The Stool

To round of your dressing table set, you’re going to want a stool. Now we’ve all been there, with one of the dining room chairs up in our bedroom because we haven't quite yet decided to get a stool…

It doesn't really matter what stool you’re going to add, just rule of thumb is that you’re going to want to be able to see yourself in the mirror (who would have guessed?)

Oh and don’t forget, it should match your new dressing table and mirror, as well as the furniture you already feature in your personal haven!

Where to put a makeup vanity set

Now you’ve figured out what type of dressing table you’re going to add, you need to ask yourself where you want to put your makeup vanity. And we could tell you right here, but instead, we’ve got an even better guide for that, one that even goes in depth of the styles of dressing table we offer and the origins of their design so that you can feel a little closer to your purchase.

Click here to find out Where to Place a Dressing Table in your Bedroom

Makeup Table Set Up

Great, we’ve got our beautiful dressing table from HomesDirect365 and its in our bedroom which now looks stunning. Time to throw all of our makeup in the drawers provided, on the rest of the table top and call it a day?

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

You need to properly utilize the space you’ve just added to your bedroom, just like they do at your favourite salon in town.

But how do you go about this you ask? Don’t worry, we’re going to get into the proper etiquette of setting up your makeup table, taking direct inspiration from the best beauticians in the world.

Utilize the space you’ve got

Now, we could spend hours scrolling through Pinterest looking at all the beautiful setups of how other women have set up their dressing tables, but the reality of that is, we might not have the space to directly copy what we like the look of...

But, that's fine, we can still let it inspire us when we think about our own makeup table setup.

There are many ways you can utilize your dressing table space, here are a few things we have come up with from our personal experiences and strategies the best beauticians in the world apply when making the most of their makeup tabletop space.

Use that wall space

Probably 99% of you will have your new dressing table up against a wall, and because of this, you’ll be able to use that wall space to help you out with organizing your makeup table.

Replace the Table Mirror with a Wall Mirror

Instead of using a table mirror like everybody else, you could use a shabby chic wall mirror.

Attaching it to the back wall the dressing table sits against, which will not only give you the added benefit of creative feministic style but will also help to free up some essential tabletop space so that you can place more brushes, jewelry boxes or whatever it is you’re wanting to use the free room for.

Wall Hanging Jewelry - Why Not?

In the same space, you could have a table mirror and also hang your jewelry up on the wall.

This will create a unique look whilst giving you a way to free up some extra room on your tabletop which can be used for things that should stay on the table and not on the wall - like perfume and makeup brushes (unless you want to hang that up too, then go ahead - it's all about being creative and having a space you can fall in love with!)

All within reach

The most important part is having everything handy, we don’t want any last minute mini-heart attacks when we can't find out contour brushes or our favourite pair of earrings. Ideally, we’re going to want everything to be on or in the table itself, so that its close by but in an organised manner so we’re not hectically looking for something we need.

Have a system

Just like everything in the kitchen, every item has its own place.

For example, I keep all my glasses and cups in one cupboard, bowls and plates in the next, cooking pans and pots in a separate drawer and so on.

This is a system I have built over time and I suspect yours will also look a little similar, so let’s apply this logic to our dressing table setup.

The best way to do this is by playing by this golden beauty rules;

Show what is beautiful, hide what isn't.

Simple right?


One problem,

I can’t exactly tell you what is and isn't beautiful, so this ones up to you, what I can help you with is the best way of going about organising your dressing table, taking inspiration from many beauticians.

Makeup Organiser Trays

These are an absolute godsend. They can become messy if you don’t keep tidying them every week or so but you really won't be able to live without them once you start to properly utilize the extra space they give. Typically I’ll keep any jewelry in these, possibly separating each particular piece so they have their own separate trays.

Don’t forget about lighting

We’ve already shown you table mirrors that can help with lighting, but these can be expensive and they even might not be of your taste as they usually feature some pretty bold design. In this case, we recommend getting some form of desk lamp to help you with the lighting so that you can properly apply your makeup.

Matte Pink Traditional Large Desk Lamp by HomesDirect365

If you’re wanting more unique lighting, rather than directly on your face, or even if you wish to combine both. You should get some fairy lights that will help with both aspects of lighting and design.

Remember to decorate

Sometimes we can get distracted by the main objective of having a dressing table in our bedroom; a helpful place for us to apply our makeup.

But in reality, it's more than that. It's a way for us to show our personalities, express ourselves creatively and to create a space we can feel like a woman in - to be our best selves.

So don’t forget, with whatever leftover space you have, make sure you’re adding your own feminine touch to it, something that you can be proud of and that resonates with you. Some types of harsh compounds like nail varnish remover can leave marks on your furniture, sometimes you can spill things on your accessories nearby or get marks on your clothes from these compounds. Its not a nice feeling when this happens but there are dedicated cleaning websites like Clean Home Guide that can give you little tips and tricks to remove these marks and stains, its amazing some of the ideas listed on the site that you just would not try without knowing.

Whether that's plants, photo frames or ornaments - by now you won't need me to say it but - It's up to you!


Having somewhere for us to apply our makeup and feel our true feminine selves is important, but just as important is that we are able to create a space using our new dressing table that will add beauty to our home and help to accentuate the look we are going for. With a balance of both, we can really turn our bedroom into something we love, and not to mention - make our morning routine something we look forward to doing.

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Shabby Chic Your Home Ready For 2019-Shabby Chic Accessories

Are you in consideration of getting a new interior, Shabby chic decor to bring into your home in 2019? With Homes Direct 365 furniture and shabby chic range there are so many things you can choose from, from our outstanding shabby chic furniture to our alluring , beautiful, shabby chic accessories. When deciding your new shabby chic decor that you would like to bring into 2019, they are a few things to contemplate. The first and most straightforward thing to think about is to come to a decision on how you would like your home / room to look. Shabby chic furniture and accessories adds a hint of glamour and elegance to any room. If you like a very French vintage look , then, this style is perfect for you.



Shabby Chic Decorating

Love the Shabby Chic styled look? Have your room feeling wonderful with our gorgeous shabby chic decor. Want to give your room that homely like , cosy feel to start off the beginning of your 2019?  Give your home a very vintage taste by adding some of our luxurious shabby chic designed furniture to your room. If you love a soft subtle and vintage look then shabby chic would be the perfect decor for you. A wonderfully styled design with a very primitive scheme. Our shabby chic accessories include a alluring and amazing range of items , e.g drawers, coat stands and amazing shabby chic clocks. Decorate your room wonderfully with the unreal shabby chic accessories we have awaiting for you today brought by Homes Direct 365. Join along and introduce yourself to the amazing items we have waiting to be brought to a new home.



                                                                                                                                   Shabby chic coat hanger with storage Shabby chic style cream coat hanging unit with storage & wood effect surface




Shabby Chic Wall Clock

Charcoal - black - patterned shabby chic style wall clock




Shabby Chic Accessories For The Home

Our Shabby Chic Accessories include some of the most amazing items which are our clocks, photo frames , table lamps , stands and plenty more that will not disappoint. Looking for a better Shabby Chic Bedroom in 2019 ? Start of your year perfectly by sprucing up your room with some of these amazing accessories we have ready for you to make them your own today. A gorgeous addition to go along nicely with our Shabby Chic furniture we also have put in for you. A glorious designed range that can be added and coordinated with our pretty shabby chic accessories. Sprinkle some happiness and comfort into your room by just adding our gorgeous items.



           Shabby chic chrome glass table lamp Shabby chic chrome and glass table lamp



Shabby Chic Style

The Shabby chic style range, here at Homes Direct 365 is formidable to describe in just a few words, but its stunning style leaves a invigorating and uplifting feel to your spacious area. Shabby chic is designed to give you that bespoken , old fashioned look.  A gorgeous feel to your home by adding some of our stunning furniture to give your room a beautiful style. The style of this beautiful range of furniture/items is a delicate vintage style and gives out the perfect impression of a very exclusive, calming decorated room. Giving your room the shabby chic style will give it a more vintage and older fashioned feel. Making your room feel more awake and by adding our shabby chic accessories from Homes Direct 365 can give you that shabby style you have been wanting.



Shabby chic style dressing table Shabby chic antique french style dressing table set in white


Elizabeth Shabby Chic Antique Style Floor-standing Mirror

Tall slim antique style shabby chic wall mirror



Shabby Chic Interior Design

Want to make your home more noticeable ? Want to make it feel more alive? Now you most definitely can. By welcoming the shabby chic furniture and shabby chic accessories from HomesDirect 365 you can do just that. Have a brand new whole room to start of the beginning of 2019 with. Its never to late to get your orders in now and we can have you a new fantastic , Shabby Chic styled looking home in no time. The gorgeous, absolutely outstanding, shabby chic accessories are perfect to add volume and luminosity to your home and have it feel more welcoming.



Sophia Shabby Chic Bedside





Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture

When choosing your bedroom decor they are a few things to consider and a few questions you will want to ask yourself such as ; How do you want your room to look? Is shabby chic definitely the choice for me ? Well we have the answer to that . If you want your room decorated beautifully in a lovely shabby chic decor and interior , make your room pretty and stand out then this is the perfect choice for you. Make your room the main room of the house with our beautiful shabby chic accessories. Ranging from our beds to bedside tables and cabinets. HomesDirect 365 have the perfect range for you to choose from that you will definitely love. Give them a check and don't miss out!



La Rochelle Shabby Chic Antique Style Wardrobe




Chic Silver Shabby Chic Dressing Stool



Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas Living Room

Are you looking for a new designed living room-preferably shabby chic? Then Homes Direct 365 is the right place for you.  A beautiful range of furniture and accessories to make your living room pop! Gorgeous pieces of shabby chic furniture and accessories available and just right for you. Don't miss out on this beautiful furniture we have here. You will not be disappointed with what we have to offer. Shabby chic is a very trendy style that will never go out of fashion regardless of how vintage it looks. The cottage looking , old fashioned furniture will emphasise your whole living room as it is one of the first rooms that people will be entering as soon as they arrive into your amazing shabby chic designed house .



Studley Shabby Chic Corner TV Unit

shabby chic corner tv unit, shabby chic furniture , tv units

You can view the bulk of our shabby chic furniture range on the links below


Shabby Chic Furniture Range

Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture Range

Shabby Chic Beds Range

Shabby Chic Bedside Tables Range

Shabby Chic Chest Of Drawers Range

Shabby Chic Wardrobes & Armoires Range

Shabby Chic Dressing Tables & Stools Range

Shabby Chic Console Tables Range

Shabby Chic Bathroom Furniture Range

Shabby Chic Dining Room Furniture Range

Shabby Chic Lounge Furniture Range

Shabby Chic TV Cabinets Range

Shabby Chic Coffee Tables Range

Shabby Chic Seating Range

Shabby Chic Furniture Matching Ranges

Shabby Chic Style Home Bars Range



Shabby Chic Your Home Ready For 2019-Shabby Chic Accessories See more on: HD365

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2019 Home Decorating Trends – Parisian & Shabby Chic

A lot of people wonder what is shabby chic? It is a style of interior decor that uses soft furnishings and accessories to portray a pleasingly old, and slightly used look. While the Parisian style is a mix of classic vintage and contemporary modern designs, the exquisite mix of old and new; such as a sleek and beautiful design is balanced by a vintage feel. These are both popular trends that Homes Direct 365 attend to, with our huge selection of products on our website.


Living Room Decor

The living room is the heart of the home and the most used room when it comes to inviting over guests and family. Keep it styled how you want it, but also up to date with the most recent trends. Below are two stunning coffee tables and a coat stand from Homes Direct 365 that have an amazing Parisian and shabby chic vibe. Just a few small pieces like this could help transform your living room into a stylish space.

Antique French Style Coffee Table


Grey Antique French Style Coffee Table

Shabby Chic and French Style Coffee Table in Grey and Natural Wood


IsaBella Shabby Chic Coat Stand

Shabby Chic Coat Stand in Dusk Grey and White


Modern Shabby Chic Living Room Ideas

Grey shabby chic furniture has been quite popular lately. These items below are in fact shabby chic but also french style, giving us that Parisian feel too. While this console table and corner TV cabinet are quite the glamorous and luxury piece you can see how they've been made to look distressed with the paint, but then elegant and modern again with the crystal handles and beautiful curved designs. Pieces like this will definitely be a trend in 2019, due to there stunning balance of shabby chic and Parisian style.


Avignon Antique French Style Single Drawer Half Moon Console TableSilver Shabby Chic Single Drawer



Parisian Shabby Chic Decor

If you don't want to change all your interior in your home to shabby chic or Parisian, just add a few accessories! The images bellow contain accessories of the two styles and proves how adding these small items to your home will still give off a edgy look. Here are a few links to all some accessories also found on Homes Direct 365.


Antique French Style Large Nero VaseLight pink antiue french style nero vase


Louis Shabby Chic 5 Drawer Tallboy

Shabby Chic Style 5 Set Drawer


 I Love You 4 Drawer Shabby Chic Cabinet4 Drawer Shabby Chic Cabinet


Iron Antique French Style FirescreenAntique French Style Fire Screen made from Iron


Even the simplest of additions can transform what ever room you decide to put them it... Not every room needs to be Parisian and shabby chic to keep up with this trend, just a few small pieces can change the outlook on someones home.

Also who says you can only style the inside of your home, why not keep up with the trends in your outside space too and transform your garden with some of the outdoor benches from the website.

Shabby Chic decorating accessories aren't hard to find, neither are Parisian. Find a wide range of these items on Homes Direct 365.


French Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas & Trends

French and Parisian beds and other furniture are all about the curves and designs. While shabby chic bedroom items appear to be slightly distressed, they give off a vintage vibe too. Bedroom furniture such as dressing tables, bed frames, wardrobes and mannequins will all portray the style that you are looking for. Also a lot of people have been getting vintage shabby chic wall art but french wall panels have also been a trend. A lot of interior designers have been saying how plain and original walls are out and that panels and classic wall art is making a return. Shop now on Homes Direct 365!


Monochrome Botanical Trio Framed Art

Monochromatic Trio Flower Painting



Ballerina Antique French Style MannequinBallerina French Style Mannequin


La Rochelle Antique French Dressing Table Set

La Rochelle Antique Dressing Table Set


La Rochelle Antique French Style Wardrobe

White Antique French Style Wardrobe


In conclusion, both of these are beautiful styles adopted by many interior designers. Shabby chic and the Parisian interior decor look go amazing together due to ones distressed but pleasing look and the others vintage designs. Decorate your home with one or even both of these looks and you will be sure to impress.


Home Accessories (French)


Homes Direct 365  Lounge -  Console Tables (Shabby Chic)


Homes Direct 365 Dining Display Cabinets  (Shabby Chic)


Homes Direct 365 Bedroom Furniture (Shabby Chic)


Homes Direct 365  Beds (French)


Homes Direct 365 Home Bars (Shabby Chic)


Homes Direct 365 Bathroom Furniture (Shabby Chic)


Homes Direct 365  Children's Furniture (French)


Homes Direct 365 Dining Furniture (French)


Homes Direct 365 Garden Furniture (French)

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