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Ideas to decorate and furnish a home in the shabby chic style

The Homes Direct 365 shabby chic style is not very common, but it is something a lot of people have opted to take up in modern-day interior decor.  The shabby chic is torn between classy and edgy - and everything in between. This style gives a room the feeling of having been around for a while. This means the shabby chic room will have a look that stands the test of time. Below are some of the elements you could consider if you are a shabby chic kind of person.

modern style shabby chic room


1. Colour

Your choice of colour will obviously make your work stand out. It is easy to be drawn into the bright colours and shades, but the shabby chic style calls for a more mild choice of colour. Greys, blues and antique rose are among the avenues you ought to focus on. The subtle feel of this style is what cuts it from the rest.

However, this does not mean you are forbidden from having a little fun and playing around with colour. The trick lies in not being carried away. A ribbon or bow in your favourite colour may be accommodated in a few elements in your decor. An off-white hue serves to bring out the timeline in this decor and a few rustic accessories can make a huge contribution to the feel of the room.


classic off white rustic shabby chic bathrooma minimal rustic shabby chic bathroom


a small and simple shabby chic bathroom accessory we sella shabby chic towel rack for the bathroom


a powerful piece for any bathroom our vanity unita shabby chic vanity unit


a shabby chic laundry basket to add to the looka shabby chic laundry basket


2. Arrangement

Have you heard of the phrase less is more? Well, it rings true in this particular area. A simple couch in the corner, a throw or a cushion will make your fashion statement. Some people have argued that the shabby chic style borrows a lot from the past.  Although this is true, the arrangement of furniture or wall hangings may determine whether the style will be a hit or a miss.

Apart from the physical attributes of the furniture, the looks also play a vital role.  Shabby chic style does not usually include a new and shiny feel but an old worn feel. The truth is, the old and rugged has a more inviting feel to it, a more homely setting than a crisp new show home.  The look that people strive for is not always a minimal less is more kind of look either, in fact you will see a lot of shabby chic room shots that seem to a clutter of trinkets and materials spread out in an almost claustrophobic way. A secret decor element most people will use is the mirror. Apart from brightening up the room, it gives an illusion of space to reduce the feeling of cramped clutter.


a simple shabby chic accessory idea shabby chic accessories - cotton buds, white cloth, candles


creating a shabby chic area with a few itemsshabby chic style fireplace with french chair


an antique French style / shabby chic chair we sell
shabby chic style chair for fireplace


a shabby chic style rocking chair for the fireplacea shabby chic rocking chair


a simple yet wonderful candle holder



3. Flowers

There can never be decor without flowers. One can only improve their home appearance through a choice of flowers by complimenting the chosen accent colour of the room with matching coloured flowers. Again, the shabby chic style dwells a lot on your hues. However, flowers may be expensive and require a lot of care. Not to worry. Flowers do not always have to be real. You can go around this requirement by, for example, getting a flower painting or having floral images in your ordinary decor items.


an idea of how to incorporate flowersmetal bucket holding flowers


one of the shabby chic bucket designs we sell

Shabby chic buckets

Shabby Chic Accessories



4. Environment

The shabby chic style may not be advisable for a formal setting, especially because of the colour choice. Whilst a formal setting may require bold colours, the shabby chic is anything but that. It may be more applicable in a wedding, baby shower, birthday party, graduation, or prom. A gender reveal party may be the best since you get to play around with minimal colours - we know how colours can speak volumes at a gender reveal party.


a shabby chic themed baby showershabby chic style baby shower layout


a shabby chic themed buffetshabby chic themed farmhouse buffet


The shabby chic style dwells much on simplicity. A simple vase may go a long way into making a statement in your home improvement tweaks. To accessorise your home is the new redecorate your home tactic, fast easy and none permanent.


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The Definitive Guide to Interior Design Styles by Dean Signori

It would be easy to take a picture found online, a theme from a TV show or movie, or something you’ve seen in a magazine and decide, “I want my house to look like that!” However, an Interior Design theme needs to fit your lifestyle and personality as well as look good in your home. Certain designs just don’t mix well together. You aren’t going to put a white floor rug in the living room of your farmhouse, it would just get filthy and muddy.

This article is here to help you determine which design fits your desires and lifestyle. While it isn’t supposed to shoe box you into choosing a single style, it should help clarify which styles are acceptable together. We will go over the four most popular Interior Design styles and help you choose which of these are most in line with your lifestyle and desires.


Rustic and Farmhouse Interior Style

Rustic and Farmhouse design as this "Interior Design Styles" post by Decorami pointed out contains multiple design theories all wrapped up into one central theme. The main idea here is that it is a practically comfortable living space that combines both heirloom furniture and modern upgrades. Comfort is the number one priority of a Rustic/Farmhouse style. It should bring out an inner connection to nature but also to a homeliness that is enforced by the idea that it can be clean and cosy.

Organic materials are a very important aspect of the Rustic Farmhouse style. Using stone or natural wood in as many pieces of furniture as possible to give it that old-time style look is central to the visual theme. Most farmhouses utilise as many whites and light colours for walls to keep the impression of spaciousness.

It’s not just the stone or natural wood that make a home rustic. It also takes into account the level of comfort that a wool rug or a leather sofa can add to the overall aesthetic of the room in question. A classic example of storage in a rustic designed home might include wicker baskets or wooden barrels to not only serve a function but also to serve as a design element.


Antique French Style Drinks Cabinet


Shabby Chic Wall Cabinet


Bergere Antique French Style Grandma Clock

Bergere Antique French Style Grandma Clock


Churchill Shabby Chic Display Cabinet

Churchill Shabby Chic Display Cabinet


Churchill Shabby Chic Dining Chair

Churchill Shabby Chic Dining Chair


Shabby Chic Interior Style

The idea of a Shabby Chic or Urban Chic layout is the desire to have open spaces but also to decorate in a hip yet retro style. While incorporating styles from modern design, it also allows for a unique approach to chaos. It is a classic mix or antiques and Ikea, of thrift shops and designer pieces. This is very much the idea of a big city apartment or house using some recycled furniture alongside some suave new additions.

Pillows and Blankets are some of the most important pieces to a collection in the chic style. Pastels and whites are generally the colours most connected with this theme. Bright colours are generally not found. One of the best things about the style is the ability to mix different eras of furniture and decor and not have them be out of place.

This is the perfect style for someone who wants to enjoy the new era of design but also keep some favourites from the past. The collaboration between antique and modern are supposed to connect the eras by utilising a central focus piece such as a table or chair. Chic style is mostly concerned with being utilitarian and comfortable at the same time. A random art showpiece might be shown proudly on the wall alongside a bright yellow couch. This design style in a quote by Dean Signori can be summed up like this, “Messy yet clean”.


Grey Shabby Chic Wall CabinetGrey Shabby Chic Wall Cabinet


Estelle Four Poster Antique French Style BedEstelle Four Poster Antique French Style Bed


Barley Twist Four Poster Antique French Style BedBarley Twist Four Poster Antique French Style Bed


Bordeaux Ivory Shabby Chic WardrobeBordeaux Ivory Shabby Chic Wardrobe

Shabby Chic Chest Of DrawersShabby Chic Chest Of Drawers

French Style Interior Design

The main design aspiration for a French Styled house is to be timelessly elegant. French designers envision placing a modern chair beside a dresser from the 18th Century or having ultra-modern lighting against an ornate background. It’s all about the dynamic tension that exists between different periods and styles.

Large ornate mirrors or fancy kitchen sets connect with the possibility of a crystal chandelier and make everything flow together nicely. The style works well with sleek modern pieces such as chairs or tables, alongside the artsy and grandiose style of the French.

A person would choose the French Style because it is historic, elegant and timeless. It brings someone back to a time where craftsmanship was more important than the price. The designs are more luxurious and the items included in these designs are often pieces of history themselves. Whereas Rustic uses natural looking antique pieces to connect to a modern era, the French Style uses their elegant antique pieces to connect to a time before today.


Bergere Antique French Style TV CabinetBergere Antique French Style TV Cabinet


Antique French Style Vanity UnitAntique French Style Vanity Unit


La Rochelle Antique French Style Cheval MirrorLa Rochelle Antique French Style Cheval Mirror


Coastal Interior Design

The Coastal style is an easy-breezy design philosophy that connects the light of the outside with the light on the inside. It often includes rustic look in many whites, greens, and blues in order to mimic the ocean and to make you feel like you’re always on vacation. Coastal designs often include a super comfy couch and a beach style side chair.

Open design and large windows set this style out from the others in the fact that it is more welcoming and comforting in a more accepting way. It is less about the items in the room and more about the feel of the room as a whole. Light rays and natural light are key factors in making a coastal design feel like a vacation. This post "48 Living Rooms with Coastal Style" by Coastal Living has some beautiful coastal themes.

The connection with the sea and the connection with the beach can be seen in the use of sandy coloured furniture and the coloured glass that is often included in a Coastal Style House. Pops of blues and greens represent the ocean and allow for a more comfortable style of home living.


Bombe Antique French Style ChestBombe Antique French Style Chest


Green Rococo Antique French Style Mirror

Green Rococo Antique French Style Mirror


Bombay Shabby Chic Chest Of DrawersBombay Shabby Chic Chest Of Drawers


A lot of design features overlap in regards to specific aesthetic features. Finding the right collaboration of these unique yet in many ways very similar styles can lead to a personal take on any of these main themes. Having aspects of a shabby chic setup along with a coastal design can make for a hip new coastal theme that maybe takes you from sitting on a beach to sitting in a surf shop in the 80’s. The Rustic Farmhouse appeal has many similar features of the French style. They both want to use old well built antique furnishings to keep an authentic perspective.

It is easy to be overwhelmed with options and opinions, but remember to choose something that represents you. When considering a design option make sure that it runs in line with your lifestyle and what the design will say about you. Whether you decide to go with an antique style or a modern style, you now have a little bit more information to take with you on your journey to deciding which design style is right for you.


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Move home or renovate and redecorate which one would you choose?

It is now obvious that your home is not in good shape. You are disgusted by most of its features. This leaves you with two options. The first one is to vacate it and move to a better place. The second option is to renovate and redecorate it. Which one should you choose? This matter is complicated by the fact that each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Before making a final decision, there are several issues that you need to weigh. Here is a complete guideline that can help you to make the right choice, and a few ideas of furniture & accessories that we stock that you may wish to use.


Analyze your neighbourhood

Moving houses means that you will go to a new location that perhaps has new features like Victorian or a Cottage farmhouse style which fits in perfectly with our shabby chic & French furniture range. The home may have different rules like a Grade listed building which may also effect how you choose to have your interior. Before you decide to move, ask yourself whether you are happy with your neighbourhood. Do your neighbours make you happy or do they turn your life into a nightmare? Does the neighbourhood have both basic and luxurious amenities? Are the infrastructures in good condition? These are just some of the things that you should ask before moving.

If you enjoy every aspect of your neighbourhood, then there is no need to move. You can just renovate and redecorate your house. However, if you are not happy with the home and want to have a fresh canvas then take the leap and move to a better house and kit it out with some of our lovely items.


Victorian Grade Listed BuildingVictorian Grade Listed Building


Victorian Antique French Style Bed

Expertly hand crafted from the finest of natural material comes this stunning bed from the Victorian collection, is a fantastic must have addition for your home. Style White Bed


Victorian Antique French Style Wardrobe

Featured here we have the exceptional Antique French Wardrobe from the Victorian collection, with centuries of ornate design and craft inspiring. Style White Wardrobe



Victorian Antique French Style Dressing Table Set

This marvellous dressing table set from the Victorian collection adds a lovely charm to your bedroom. Antique Style White Dressing Table Set


Furniture Storage Cost

Both moving and renovating your home will require movement of furniture. You may require some temporary shelter for your furniture if you decide to renovate to keep it protected from damage, here is a site called "What Storage" that lists various storage facilities by postcode . The furniture can stay at your chosen storage until the house is fully renovated and decorated. The issue of buying furniture is  still something you might need to do when you are moving because sometimes people like to furnish a new home with new furniture rather than move in the old. Unless of course you revamp it shabby chic style, but its always easier to buy and often a better quality.


Not every storage facility is ideal!Furniture Storage Warehouse



Social and economic reasons

Social reasons such as your family can determine whether you move out or just stay and renovate the house. For instance, if you don’t want to keep transferring your kids to different schools, you may opt to renovate the house and continue staying in it.

Renovation can also be the best option for someone whose home is relatively near a workplace. If you want to cut down on your transport cost, you may consider staying.

The same issue can still motivate you to move. If you intend to live near your business or workplace which is located miles away, moving may be the best option.


Time factor

What is your level of patience? Each project has its time frame, and your level of patience will determine the option that you will use. A major renovation and redecoration may take a lot of time to be implemented.

First, you will have to come up with ideas on how the new home should be. The next hurdle is to implement and refine the redecoration. The process can be lengthy, and any impatient person may find it irritating especially when using things like the Dewy Colour system to carefully plan your home based on the moods you want different rooms which by the way is real, mood is effected by colour.

Moving can also be time-consuming especially when you have not decided on where you want to go and certainly very stressful. However, if you have already found your next house, the process will only take a few hours. Some minor renovations can also take a few hours.

You only need to analyse and compare the two factors before making a decision. Despite the time factor, being patient can save you. The renovation may take some time, but you may end up getting what you wanted.

Any home that incorporates our shabby chic or French style furniture will look outstanding especially if you use our full sets, throw in a few of our accessories and make it even more unique.


Silver Bergere Antique French Style TV Cabinet

With centuries of ornate design and craft inspiring comes this stunning Antique French TV Cabinet, the stories and history enriched within the piece will be sure to uplift the ambiance and class of any room. French Style TV Cabinet



Avignon Antique French Style Single Drawer Half Moon Console Table

The Avignon Collection will bring a subtle glamour to your home, especially if you add this Avignon Antique French Style Single Drawer Half Moon Console Table to your living space. French Style Console Table



Colorado Shabby Chic Bookcase

And now, introducing the Colorado range. This set of furniture is a beautiful modern yet old fashioned dining set. Shabby Chic Bookcase



Whether you have decided to move or renovate and redecorate, you need to be careful with how you handle your furniture. Unless you intend to buy new furniture for the new house, any mishandling can result in heavy losses. Storing them in a safe place during the transition period can shield them from various forms of damages.
Once you have decided to move or renovate and decorate your house, get a reliable teamto handle the process for you.


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The Perfect Storage Solutions for Your Home

The Perfect Storage Solutions for Your Home

I’ve always lived by the motto ‘a tidy home makes a tidy mind’, with that said, nothing makes a bigger effect on the aesthetics of your home than a clean, tidy and neatly organised room.

Now, what’s the best way to clean your home making it neat and tidy? Easy, get rid of all the clutter and finding a home for everything. We certainly all have clutter, so keep reading below for the perfect storage solution ideas for your home today

Every Room is a Storage Room

That’s right! And by storage room, we don’t mean a dingy dark forgotten cupboard that we shove all our bits and bobs in like that unwanted lamp your mother in law has given you! We mean that every room in your home, from your bedroom, lounge, dining room and even garage can hold a practical storage solution.

The Bedroom as Storage

Kicking back, relaxing and hitting slumberland is what we all primarily use our bedroom for and like the most of us we need storage for a whole array of items. From clothing to night-time reading novels or even a spare set of AA batteries for your alarm clock, we all need bedroom storage.


Keep the essential items close at hand when in bed whilst keeping them out of sight and preventing your bedroom becoming cluttered. Ideal for storing your bedtime novels, notepad, alarm clock, tv remote control etc. The bedside is a must have for all bedrooms.

If you need additional storage space you can always opt for a bigger 3 drawer bedside rather than the conventional single drawer.



Typically a chest of drawers, the tallboy is a practical take on a standard chest of drawers. Tallboys are generally much narrower yet taller than a chest of drawers and don’t take up nearly as much space. The storage is organized in a vertical manner and most tallboys offer ample space for your clothing or bits and bobs.

How About the Dining Room

Possibly the most multi-functional room in modern day living. Historically the dining room was purely for dining but many opt to use it as a ‘second lounge’ or ‘study’ as well as socialising and dining.

So what are some of the popular items used in the dining room for storage?


The bookcase or bookshelf is the ultimate solution for storage and/or display. Offering a practical and beautiful way to display your novels or ornaments whilst also often having cupboards for keeping your dining room tidy, neat and organised providing a perfect store-away for virtually anything you don’t want on show. The grand and exquisite bookshelf below from is the ultimate bookshelf.


A buffet is a beautiful vintage take on the classic sideboard or cabinet. Not only does it often feature numerous spacious drawers but it usually embodies strong French style or shabby chic characteristics within the design, this doesn’t mean it can only be used in a vintage interior design décor scheme as modern designs have been made, ensuring a perfect storage option for any dining room décor.

Lets not Forget The Garage Storage

It would be impossible to not include garage storage solutions in a blog about storage as the garage is the most popular room to store away unneeded or rarely used items. Opt for sturdy and strong metal shelving and cabinets over the typical wooden storage pieces, for longevity and safety. Metal storage is a lot more resilient and is perfect for tools, car parts or even golf clubs. A perfect example of beautiful cabinets shown here by Garage Solutions

Garage Solutions Black Cabinets


Cheap & Affordable Storage Solutions

When choosing the perfect storage for your home it doesn’t have to be tight on your purse. Keep reading for some brilliant examples of cheap and affordable storage solutions below

Budget & Affordable Storage Units

These especially don’t have to be big and grand like the name may portray, a simple wooden unit or a set of storage trunks may be exactly what your home needs. Available in a wide range of styles and designs, affordable storage can be purchased relatively cheap from your local hardware store or even on eBay and Amazon.

Affordable Self Storage

Ideal for those who have too many items for your home or are requiring a storage option to completely free your home of bits and bobs – self-storage units are the choice. While it may seem like a drastic option, these surprisingly can be hired for very cheap if you go the route of a private or local company, just a quick Google search returned an array of self-storage units from as little as £3 per week.


Find more of our storage solutions here


These industrial style pieces are suited for all areas


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Choosing The Right French Furniture For Your Hardwood Flooring

Choosing The Right Wooden Furniture For Your Hardwood Flooring

Before we get onto furnishings for your hardwood flooring, lets talk a bit about hardwood flooring... simply put, hardwood and wooden flooring can make absolutely stunning and sleek stylish options for virtually any room throughout your home. Its extremely easy to upkeep and can work wonders in any home décor scheme and compliment any furniture piece, from antique French style to a more modern or contemporary apparel, hardwood flooring is definitely the answer!

What Is Sustainable Wood?

Sustainable wood is from rain forests or forests that are sustainably managed. The forest landscape of wood is heavily managed by experts to prevent damage to trees, wildlife, watersheds, and ecosystems themselves whilst also minimising the effects of deforestation.

The opposite to sustainable wood is wood that is collected and chopped down by machinery to leave open bare patches of land without any thought as to whether this wood or trees will return to its previous state.


How About Acacia Wood Flooring

Often renowned for being sourced in an eco-friendly way, Acacia wood is a natural beauty when it comes to the appearance of wood. Known for its rich brown and gold colour, this wood is a very fast growing source of sustainable wood. With well over one thousand different varieties of Acacia wood grown all over the globe, it is extremely eco-friendly due to its fast growth and abundance.

With Acacia wood less susceptible to mass deforestation and its natural sturdy and strong infrastructure, it makes Acacia flooring one of the favourite choices of eco-friendly hardwood in your home.

Timber Hardwood Flooring

With the focus now firmly on environmentally friendly wood sources, Timber wood is always recommended for building and flooring.

Manufacturing timer building materials produce as close to zero carbon emissions. The majority of manufacturing building is a very long winded process which often involves chemicals and very high emissions, obtaining timer is a relatively simple and low-cost process that hasn’t changed for generations.

Using timer flooring can be a waste-less process, as timber is gathered all of the waste can be used as firewood or sawdust, creating a virtually zero waste process.

Bamboo Hardwood Flooring

Technically speaking, Bamboo isn’t actually a wood but instead, it’s a grass. A grass that is unsurprisingly strong and grows at an exorbitantly fast rate making it one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Bamboo can be even stronger than wood and is often considered a higher quality. Not only distinctive in quality but bamboo is also a dimensional stable option – reacting well to fluctuating temperatures and humidity making it not only perfect choice for a quality hardwood flooring option but a very practical choice. For a further detailed insight to bamboo, be sure to check out the Wood Database

Bamboo hardwood flooring is also considered eco-friendly, with it classed as a regenerating grass; it grows much faster than alternative hardwood flooring options. The cost to harvest is minimal and requires virtually no pesticides.

Laminate vs Hardwood Flooring For Your Furniture?

When choosing what wooden flooring to use for your furniture pieces, many often think of going the route of laminate flooring over hardwood. Why should you opt for one over the other? Well, read on below for a quick guide to helping you choose.



Hardwood Flooring

  • Robust and not easily damaged or scratched by moving furniture around
  • Hardwood flooring is a man-made product that is crafted from natural materials such as those mentioned above and is often 100% wood.
  • Extremely difficult to install and requires advanced tools – usually installed by a professional
  • More expensive than the laminate alternative
  • Durability – will last a lifetime and more!
  • Well maintained hardwood has a better resale value compared to laminate
  • A more natural and attractive look


Laminate Flooring

  • Easily scratched - can be troublesome moving furniture pieces without marking or damaging laminate
  • Thin fiberboard topped with the appearance of natural wood or stone
  • Extremely easy to install – slots together like a jigsaw
  • A much cheaper alternative than hardwood flooring
  • Durability – If well kept a maximum of 10 years. Water scratches and wear and tear can dramatically shorten the lifespan of laminate flooring
  • Little re-sale value in comparison to hardwood
  • From a distance, some higher quality laminate can look like hardwood but up close, not so much. A frequent problem with laminates is the repetitive pattern used to frequently.

For a more in-depth guide be sure to check out Freshome's extensive list here.

As you have probably gathered, hardwood flooring is a quality addition to any household and perfect for placing an array of furniture pieces on, it may be more expensive and harder to install than its counterpart but offers aesthetics and longevity combined. Providing your budget can stretch to solid hardwood and you can get it professionally installed, this is usually the better choice out of the two. For the ultimate in hardwood flooring be sure to check out MacWoods for the ultimate selection in hardwood flooring.


Where to use Hardwood Flooring and How to Furnish and Treat?

Over decades hardwood flooring has become a hugely popular material for covering your floors. Once installed, it can look exceptional in any setting (modern or vintage), low maintenance, extremely durable and can look absolutely gorgeously stunning.

Hardwood flooring is timeless, so weather you opt to use in it your modern & contemporary styled dining room or use it for a French style country cottage living room, the results will always be stylish and never going out of trend


Treating Hardwood Flooring in Your Bathroom  

The bathroom is one of the most practical rooms to have hardwood flooring in. With many spills from the bath or sink units, hardwood flooring makes it extremely easy to simply wipe the floor dry without having to worry. Not to mention, natural wood in a bathroom helps keep warmth in and looks stunning in virtually any interior design scheme. Below we have opted to place a vintage French style vanity unit on a natural hardwood floor, the results can be simply breathtaking.

Before you go ahead, it’s worth considering that additional care when installing wood flooring in your bathroom is required;

  • Waterproof Finish – Simple as it may sound, make sure to use a waterproof coating on the wood so liquid doesn’t wear away the woods protective layer
  • Installation – Opt to have your wood flooring installed with adhesive or a ‘click together’ method. Traditionally, wood flooring was installed by nailing planks directly to the sub-floor, this can create small holes that moisture would eventually find its way into thus damaging the structural compound


Transform any Basement with Hardwood Flooring

Your initial thought might be: why would I choose wood flooring for my basement? But choosing hardwood for your basement can transform even the daintiest and dull basements into a brighter, attractive and liveable room. Similar to the bathroom, opting for hardwood can help keep it warm and welcoming.

Unfortunately, water damage to basements isn’t a rarity, so follow the steps below stringently before installing;

  • All pipes and machinery that requires water are fully intact
  • Keep a humidifier to check humidity levels
  • A sump pump is available and in working order
  • Moisture barrier is installed
  • Irrigation – make sure grade level water moves away from the house or is diverted successfully

Furnishing Hardwood Bedroom Flooring

Warmth, beauty, and cosiness combined… nothing quite beats a tranquil and beautiful bedroom by having solid hardwood flooring. Making furniture stand out and providing elegance in a plethora of interior design schemes, hardwood is the ultimate flooring choice for furnishing any bedroom.

Once the flooring is done, it's now time to furnish your new hardwood flooring bedroom. For the highest quality in antique French style or Modern furniture be sure to check out Homesdirect365

Take the beautiful examples below, a distinctive antique French style bed and stunning silver french style chest has been placed on wooden bedroom flooring.

Estelle Antique French Style Bed


La Rochelle 2 Drawer Antique French Style Chest

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