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The style of furniture and decorative arts of the Louis XIV era is well known for its, shall we
say, exuberance; with every surface festooned with elaborate filigree, gold leaf, marquetry,
and anything else that would fit. The Sun King was not known for his collaborative style, and
state-sponsored departments of the arts were responsible for the strict application of his

Louis XIV dialed it back a bit, while still keeping some of that exuberance. Furniture of all
types had painted accents and lacquers, often with shell and flower motifs. Table legs were
curved and delicate, while desks, dressers, and chests also became rounded in the body.
This romantic style became popular all over France.

HomesDirect365 have taken the best elements of the Louis XIV style and applied them to
modern home decor in the Bordeaux matching range. Whether alone or as part of a full
bedroom set, the items in this collection are striking yet versatile – surround them with
colours and accessories as subtle or electric as you like.

 Ivory writing table

This table is sweet and a little quirky – making it perfect for a shabby chic theme – from the
carved details around the mirror to the swooping curves of its legs to the en-pointe look of
its feet. But with seven handy drawers and ample surface, it offers more than good looks.

Full-size wardrobe

Also not just pretty to look at, this wardrobe has a smartly designed interior that makes it
highly functional. You might wonder how you got along without it.

Chest of drawers

A chest of drawers with personality in its bowed surfaces, with a bit of weathering on the
carved details, and delicate drawer pulls. Despite its commodious size, this dresser feels
light thanks to its narrow legs and inches of space underneath.

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