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Ideas to decorate and furnish a home in the shabby chic style

The Homes Direct 365 shabby chic style is not very common, but it is something a lot of people have opted to take up in modern-day interior decor.  The shabby chic is torn between classy and edgy - and everything in between. This style gives a room the feeling of having been around for a while. This means the shabby chic room will have a look that stands the test of time. Below are some of the elements you could consider if you are a shabby chic kind of person.

modern style shabby chic room


1. Colour

Your choice of colour will obviously make your work stand out. It is easy to be drawn into the bright colours and shades, but the shabby chic style calls for a more mild choice of colour. Greys, blues and antique rose are among the avenues you ought to focus on. The subtle feel of this style is what cuts it from the rest.

However, this does not mean you are forbidden from having a little fun and playing around with colour. The trick lies in not being carried away. A ribbon or bow in your favourite colour may be accommodated in a few elements in your decor. An off-white hue serves to bring out the timeline in this decor and a few rustic accessories can make a huge contribution to the feel of the room.


classic off white rustic shabby chic bathrooma minimal rustic shabby chic bathroom


a small and simple shabby chic bathroom accessory we sella shabby chic towel rack for the bathroom


a powerful piece for any bathroom our vanity unita shabby chic vanity unit


a shabby chic laundry basket to add to the looka shabby chic laundry basket


2. Arrangement

Have you heard of the phrase less is more? Well, it rings true in this particular area. A simple couch in the corner, a throw or a cushion will make your fashion statement. Some people have argued that the shabby chic style borrows a lot from the past.  Although this is true, the arrangement of furniture or wall hangings may determine whether the style will be a hit or a miss.

Apart from the physical attributes of the furniture, the looks also play a vital role.  Shabby chic style does not usually include a new and shiny feel but an old worn feel. The truth is, the old and rugged has a more inviting feel to it, a more homely setting than a crisp new show home.  The look that people strive for is not always a minimal less is more kind of look either, in fact you will see a lot of shabby chic room shots that seem to a clutter of trinkets and materials spread out in an almost claustrophobic way. A secret decor element most people will use is the mirror. Apart from brightening up the room, it gives an illusion of space to reduce the feeling of cramped clutter.


a simple shabby chic accessory idea shabby chic accessories - cotton buds, white cloth, candles


creating a shabby chic area with a few itemsshabby chic style fireplace with french chair


an antique French style / shabby chic chair we sell
shabby chic style chair for fireplace


a shabby chic style rocking chair for the fireplacea shabby chic rocking chair


a simple yet wonderful candle holder



3. Flowers

There can never be decor without flowers. One can only improve their home appearance through a choice of flowers by complimenting the chosen accent colour of the room with matching coloured flowers. Again, the shabby chic style dwells a lot on your hues. However, flowers may be expensive and require a lot of care. Not to worry. Flowers do not always have to be real. You can go around this requirement by, for example, getting a flower painting or having floral images in your ordinary decor items.


an idea of how to incorporate flowersmetal bucket holding flowers


one of the shabby chic bucket designs we sell

Shabby chic buckets

Shabby Chic Accessories



4. Environment

The shabby chic style may not be advisable for a formal setting, especially because of the colour choice. Whilst a formal setting may require bold colours, the shabby chic is anything but that. It may be more applicable in a wedding, baby shower, birthday party, graduation, or prom. A gender reveal party may be the best since you get to play around with minimal colours - we know how colours can speak volumes at a gender reveal party.


a shabby chic themed baby showershabby chic style baby shower layout


a shabby chic themed buffetshabby chic themed farmhouse buffet


The shabby chic style dwells much on simplicity. A simple vase may go a long way into making a statement in your home improvement tweaks. To accessorise your home is the new redecorate your home tactic, fast easy and none permanent.


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